WHP Health


We approach cosmetic gynecology as we do other aspects of your care with a comprehensive evaluation,

a nutritional component, and a customized treatment plan.


For some women this will mean hormone therapy, for others surgery, and for others non-surgical corrections.

Reasons for choosing a procedure:

  • Relief of sexual pain and discomfort

  • Increase arousal and orgasms

  • Vaginal tightening after childbirth

  • Improve anatomy appearance

  • Improve libido

  • Enhance bladder function

  • Improve anal and rectal function

  • Minimize or eliminate hormonal therapy


We believe women deserve a better patient experience than they are currently receiving in the traditional health care model.

Gynecology • Obstetrics •
Infertility • Primary Care for Women
  • We are private and independent

  • We are focused on making sure you get the care you need, on your terms

  • We do not charge facility fees

  • Short waiting times for appointments

  • Convenient location and parking

  • In network with most PPOs and HMOs

  • A physician with 30 years of experience who is committed to doing what is best for her patients

  • A staff that will help you understand costs and your insurance


 2125 South Neil Street
Champaign, IL 61820


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