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Sexuality is integral to good health and life long wellness, in fact at Women’s Health Practice it is a multifaceted dimension of personality.

Each woman’s sexuality is impacted by physical, social and psychological dynamics that affect

how you function, your libido, your arousal, your orgsams, and how you as an individual views her sexuality. 

Healthy sexuality and libido involves a complex set of interactions between a woman and her body, her self-image, any partner(s) and even your beliefs and worldview. We want to help you understand how neurophysiology, psychology, and hormones affect your sexuality.


Read about common concerns below:

Common Treatments:


  • Evaluation of Anatomy, Hormones and Psychological Factors

  • Loss of Sexual Desire During Menopause

  • Keeping Vaginal and Vulvar Tissues Healthy

  • Treatment of Atrophy

  • Hormone Evaluation and Treatment, Including

  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

  • Treatment with Libido Enhancing Medications

  • Orgasm Therapy including O Shot and P Shot Therapy

  • MonaLisa Touch Therapy

  • Lubrication and Vaginal Dryness Therapy

  • Treatment of Vulvodynia

  • Treatment of Vaginismus.

  • Treatment of Dyspareunia, Painful Sex


We believe women deserve a better patient experience than they are currently receiving in the traditional health care model.

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